My first scene of a profusion of pigface and granite on the way to The Pinnacles.
This scene has been cropped from a 6x7 tranny beacuse I could not see the value of the scattering of boulders in the lower frame.

• Coastal Pigface, Cape Woolamai beach, nr. The Pinnacles, Phillip Island
Velvia 50, 55mm f4 1/4 f11 SKY1B, TTL metered. Epson V700 scan

And just to return briefly to Toorongo River..

• A rainforest stream, Toorongo River Sanctuary (Oct 2012)
Velvia 50, 45mm f4 10sec f16, polarised. Multispot/additive weighted mean average metering with baseline and filter-factor compensation. Epson V700 scan

There is an unfinished roll of RVP in Pentaximus holding at least 7 images of Cape Woolly.