Selling this for a friend's wife(he died 1yr ago), I'm helping her sell his camera gear. Looks pretty clean. Doing the "light passing through the lens test" shows that there is indeed some internal dust, but I haven't disassembled it to clean. There's some very slight internal haze, which for a lens of this vintage is probably correct. Should still be a sharp, lightweight performer for your 4x5/6x12 camera. Shutter speeds 1/30 and slower seem to be running about 1 stop slow, just so you're aware. Still don't have a shutter speed tester, soon though!
No caps, but has retaining ring.

$160 which includes USA shipping/Paypal fees
USPS Money Orders are fine too, if you don't do the PP dance
Int'l shipping will be another $20 for extra shipping via Priority Mail w/ a tracking #.