Temper Velvia 50 by downrating it e.g. EI80, expose in diffuse light. This stuff about it being "too saturated" is rubbish. You can vary the rendition depending on prevailing conditions (light), whether or not you are using a polariser (only in diffuse light), and if you are compensating that to "lift" the scene.

Velvia 100F is a bit more difficult to work with, but best left at 100 for exposure, also in diffuse light. I don't think anybody is going to shed a tear for the loss of Velvia 100F (discontinued); it's a particularly difficult emulsion to scan and to print, very especially with the (defunct) Ilfochrome Classic process.

Neither of these films were designed or intended for use in bright point light e.g. outside bright sunny days.
Provia 100/F has a noticeably muted palette and better contrast making it a good all-rounder.

Astia is a Velvia clone with an altered palette (greens and blues).