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Love the second one, Gary! Well seen and captured.
The troubles/niggles I am having with myself about The Pinnacles at Woolamai is that all the scenes have been photographed many thousands of times before almost the same as we have, so the effect of WOW! is a bit tempered by familiarity. That said, Boots' typically atmospheric mono image (above) certainly gets the message across dramatically and with pizazz, but there is still an undercurrent of "seen it before" feeling. Even my own are likely to be passed over as I was just about in the same spot wasn't I. We'll see...

Lachlan's much earlier suggestion post-trip to attempt to picture this area from the seaward side (if that is at all possible) where the rockpools are has merit as it would show The Pinnacles and general landscape in a new, unseen, unexplored perspective. That is what I think would lift the images we see from the pedestrian to the unique. None of the foregoing commentary is a criticism, by the way, but an observation of the need to attack this place in a new and totally different way.