I shot E100VS and Velvia 100F side by side at a car show this summer, and recently as the two 120 strips hung side by side drying, I realized they were near clones. Almost exact same colors, only difference was that the Velvia 100F handled the mixed light shots inside the bowling alley much better - no ugly green cast to the fluorescent light.
Anyways, that is when I realized that Velvia 100F was probably designed as a competitor to E100VS: similar colors, decent skin tones (with flash), bery similar to e100VS, but better at handling mixed light, and more archival. Higher tech, as it came out a few years after E100VS.
On a similar note, I think E100G was Kodaks answer to Astia 100f. But far less similarity here in color response than E100VS/Velvia 100F.