Not that I'm defending anyone, but as I said and posted a picture (which a cleaned up version is now in my gallery) the man was drunk and belligerent and harassing the pusher, sure he shouldn't have pushed him INTO the tracks, but he may have just been frightened and pushed him away and the drunk stumbling fool lost his footing. Also if the man hadn't been drunk he probably would have known that he could simply have walked between the posts and gone to the other side of the track or stood between the posts and been perfectly safe. Reading between the lines of the interview of the girl (daughter/wife?) you can infer that he was probably not a nice man and she didn't seem too surprised that he was drunk, angry, and harassing someone else. I just think we are putting entirely too much blame on everyone else and no blame on the "victim" who was only a victim of his own stupidity and lack of self control.

I do agree that if given time, I would have instructed the guy to walk to the other side of the track, but I would not have tried to help him out, especially seeing how drunk he was on the video recorded on the cell phone, I would be scared he would pull me in with him (which is what you are taught in life saving class NOT to do... which I have taken) you don't let the frantic person near you, you stay just out of reach and guide them to safety, or they will inevitably end up dragging you down with them and you both die.

I know people are saying "I would have helped" but I think if you were actually in a situation like that, you would probably act differently, it's easy to say you're a hero, but much harder to take action when there's a train coming at you... especially true apparently if you're drunk..

(no I'm not a bad guy, I just have been in situations where I would have been dead if I "acted a fool") ~"That's Just My Opinion, I Could be Wrong" - Dennis Miller