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Give me some sizes, they aren't expensive maybe $8 max. I had thought of making them an offer for the lot They aren't always there though so I can't make promises. And yes in the UK.

OK Ian... sizes...

I assume you wanted the large and small end sizes? If there isn't an exact size match, can I assume the folds can be cut down to size?

3 foldies, one seems like it's slightly different from the other even if they are the same "size" as far as film image and film type...

ok the most important two are...

Large end - 7.5cm x 11.5cm | Small end - 3.5cm x 4cm
Large end - 7cm x 9.5cm | Small end - 4cm x 4.75cm

The third less important but would be neat to fix is almost the same as the first one above, slightly different though...

Large end - 7.5cm x 12cm | Small end - 3.75cm x 4cm

Look I did them in metric sizes! I'm so proud (I almost used inches since that's what kodak would have used but you're in the UK right? so did I dun good? haha)

Seriously I'm sure they won't have these EXACT sizes but as long as the small end will get that small, if the bigger end is... slightly bigger, I can always just taper it in.

Anyway I hope that's the size information you were looking for.


This will be fun to shoot since none of the patents go past 1917