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Velvia 100F is still distinctly a species of Velvia, with significantly higher contrast and narrower exp
range than Astia. If I were you I'd snatch up whatever Astia and E100G you can still find and freeze
it. Provia is Fuji's middle of the road offering.
This, exactly so.

Same story for me as OP (though I do like color neg.) I fell for Astia after shooting about two rolls, then it was gone. Went to E100G then. I've been putting together a slide show for visitors tomorrow and just sighing over how good my E100G slides look, but alas..

If you want a current production film less contrasty and saturated than Velvia, Provia is it (could try the Rollei too of course, but I have no experience with it.) I agree that Provia 400X is less saturated and contrasty than 100, albeit grainier, but not that grainy for a 400 slide film.

If you are willing to buy up existing film there is still some E100G in 35mm for not too bad prices to be found, at least in 35mm and, even more so, in 120. Sheet film is ridiculous. There seems to be somewhat better prices on Elitechrome 100, which is the amateur version of E100G, maybe a tad warmer and more saturated but a very similar film.

I've been shooting through the E100G in my fridge. I'm thinking about buying some more while I still can. I also have some Elitechrome and some E200 in there.