Hi Patrick

Good point... I guess is that since I have been printing for others for so long, I figured it was relevant talking about the end prints.. specifically in my work, not so much in Laura's case.
In my work I am not trying to say anything, and why I make photographs may come off as sounding corny or silly. Some of the end product process both Laura and I are working are are
very esoteric**big word** and I feel it may be relevant to the gallerists when considering seeing our work.
I am not trying to sell the images from this site btw.

I prefer people look at my images and enjoy them immediately or walk away immediately. When I first started the Alchemy of Light series I was calling it CONSUMED .. a reflection of society throwing away
things easily or in the food case, eating without really understanding where it comes from.... but I could not over time support this line of reasoning with my work as I really am not that deep( Dinesh will certainly contest to that} and my only real skill in life it seems is putting light on film or paper so therefore we moved the name to Alchemy of Light.
Friends of mine have become quite huge in the photo world with their projects , and now after 25 years they have found out the reason they photograph and all their images start making sense within a descriptive prose. When you are not telling a story with your work * Alchemy of Light* it is a bit more difficult to say why you photograph other than I have nothing to do every Sunday and I decided to expose film rather than Golf.

The web name will stay the same , unless of course she smartens up and gets rid of me... This site is specifically aimed at gallerists to have a look at work before they decide to accept our portfolios or
not for show consideration. So there will be an obvious email communication clearly defining whether paterson or carnie is calling.

I was also concerned about the menu system , my person doing the site is using a canned system and may have limitations as I did not want to purchase a full blown web design from scratch.. I think there
is some wiggle room though. Which in January we will look at and modify the site.


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Bob, I am more interested in why you make photographs than in the technical details such as what paper you use. People that collect photographs will be too. By reducing the work down to the technical details such as you have it on your site you are presenting it as a exercise in craft rather than an expression.

Overall the site looks good. I don't know why the menu is offset though. That bothers me a little. I think the menu system needs some work. It is very confusing, especially for your images. The eye has to go down then back up then back down. It isn't intuitive at all. It needs to be simplified.

You should also put some type of separator between your names, otherwise people who don't know you will think your name is Paterson Carnie!

The different size images on the front page don't bother me.