These flashes are still available and they would be nice additions to your holiday decor. Let's just explore one possibility: First, be usre the premium on your homeowner's insurance policy has been paid. Then, take these 4 flashes and an A/C to D/C adapter...1.5 volt would be ideal or whatever is handy will probably be ok. Wire them so that they're constantly fed current and then modify them so that they flash whenever the capacitor is fully charged (an easy thing to do, actually). Caution: capacitor flash units can produce high voltages so if you're not entirely comfortable with your electronic abilities, it probably would be a good idea to have your neighbor's children test them for you. You can watch from a safe distance wearing protective clothing. Make sure the premium on your homeowner's insurance has been paid. Once you have them working, you can let your mind run free: mount them in your Christmas tree so they constantly produce a strobe effect (trust me, they'll all be discharging at slightly different times), mount them at 4 corners of your front door (to keep Architectural Digest or House Beautiful from bothering you during this hectic season), place them in the front yard to give an entirely new twist to your Nativity Scene or that tasteful Santa and reindeer display you made out of plywood about 20 years ago, place them like runway lights along the sidewalk leading to your front door, place them in random sacks in a luminaria (or farolito string) many opportunities for holiday fun. Make a holiday statement today!