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Apologies if this subject has been raised before, but I've heard that M6 rangefinders have a tendency to "flare" in certain light conditions making them difficult to focus. I came across this criticism again when reading a Net review of the Bessa R2; the reviewer stating he preferred the Bessa to the M6 as the rangefinder was brighter and not prone to the flare exhibited by the M6 in bright light.

Have M6 users encountered this? Would it deter you from purchasing another one?
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Seriously, I don't know how many of these users get anything done as they are constantly complaining about this or that feature that they don't like. I use the equipment for what it can accomplish and work with any problems.
I have had M cameras for over25 years with M3, M6 and two M7's. Yes you can get flare in the M6, so what. move slightly, my M7's are upgraded simple because they were already at Solm's for the ASA reader upgrade and one had the finder also upgraded under warranty and I paid for the other simply because I wanted both M7's alike, my 0.85 M6 has never been upgraded(both my M7's are 0.85 also).
It's a non issue.-Dick