Hi there,
I have been printing on Pt/Pd for a few years and now I am attempting to print a new project the same way.
I'm trying to print on palladium from 8x10 enlarged negatives of very grainy and contrasty TMZ 3200 35mm film.
These negatives are night shots with ample black areas which I want to render not as flat blacks, but as rich shadows, lively with grain.

I have re-enlarged my negatives several times and tried all possible contrast solutions with Pd. I have raised the Dmin areas of the negative so they show considerable grain. No matter what I do, the shadows become flat and dull. Reducing the print contrast, I get muddy dark grays with no real texture.

I love Pd for its soft shadows, while printing these negatives in silver would result in very harsh, gritty images. But I'm starting to think that Pd might not be the best candidate for this. I heard that Pt/Pd excels mostly in high key scenarios, while other processes (such as gum bichromate) render shadow details better.

Can anybody suggest some other alt process that could be better suited for my goals? Gum? Carbon? I don't mind the learning curve as long as I get the results I need.

Thank you,