I dont think Contarex was the best camera at 1958 , M3 Leica released at 1958 with 35 mm Summaron , f:1.5,2,3.5 50mms,
90mm and 135 mm. Contarex cameras were ugly like Minoltas , Praktinas ,Kodak Retinas and Kalimar Aires 35 iii l , last camera was coming with f:1.9 lens and price was 99.50.

Zeiss introduced 4 cameras at 1958 , Contaflex , Contax , Contina and Ikoflex , all with Sonnar , Tessar , Anastigmat lenses.
I saw many Leica bodies were using Nikon lenses and Nikon had a primitive Leica copy.

Polaroid cameras were big at 1958 and Ansco was racing with Ektachrome and Kodachrome where Ansco claiming that their users will not get flat deep blue skies.