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Hi Rolleiman (do you have a name we can call you by?)

I really do think you're getting bogged down with the flare 'problem'. As you say you used Nikons professionally for years, I think the whole rangefinder thing will be a bigger shock to the system than possibly occasional flare in the viewfinder. I use Leicas because I find them very convienient to use, not awkward at all, and am happy with the lens range available: mine are all modest aperture versions - no speed giants!
You can call me Mark..
I'm fairly used to a rangefiner, for years (before the digital plague!) I used an Olympus 35RC pocket rangefinder for "discreet" news jobs...since replaced with the 35RD, main difference a 40mm f1.7 zuiko lens. instead of the 2.8 version. I figured on a Leica with the collapsible 2.8 Elmar 50mm, a compact version of the 90mm Elmarit plus a
28mm. I know from experience this range covers most situations of a travel nature. I figured I'd be able to stash these in the pockets of a photo jacket without needing a camera bag. As I enjoy footpath walking with a rucksack, a camera bag as well just gets in the way.

I'm satisfied from what I've heard here that the "flare" problem is a minor one