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Just to check the obvious . . . You have three trays, in the dev tray is a pair of tongs which doesn't go in any other tray, and then one (or two) pair for stop and fix, which never go near the dev?

In other words be very sure you are not accidentally putting a drip of stop-bath in to the developer by not washing a single pair of tongs, or by using a gloved hand which is not cleaned only wiped on a paper-towel, or a splash of stop-bath is made in to the adjacent dev tray when you drain the print prior to moving it to the fix . . . and so on!
Yes, I have 3 pairs of tongs. I was keeping each one in their own tray. Transferring the print from dev to stop bath, I was careful not to dip the tongs in stop bath. I slid it in from the front end, then let it finish sliding in. They are color coded, not that matters under red light though.