Well it seems RB stuff has taken a dump price-wise lately, but here goes. I'm selling this for a friend's wife, he died this time last year.
Time to liquidate his camera stuff. I'm handling the sales for her.

Prices are good IMO, if you thing otherwise, send me an offer.

This lens is in pretty good shape. Has some signs of use. Also has some internal dust when shining a light right on the lens at an oblique angle. Shouldn't affect results whatsoever, unless you want to shoot straight into the sun, then you're on your own to make up that decision .

Shutter speeds to my ear sound correct, everything seems to work correctly.

Sale includes the following:

1. Lens
2. both f+r caps
3. Paperwork(lens booklet of RB system)
4. Foam
5. Slip-over box

$115 shipped/paypal'd in the USA
USA only shipping for now, to expedite things arriving quickly.