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Why not just take a sheet of opaque (or even semi-translucent) paper same size as printing paper, place in easel, and sketch areas to be cut out for pre-flashing. After cutting, then place that mask over the paper in the easel & pre-flash? Would seem to give you most of the control as above but without an intermediate development step.
A similarly made type of mask could be created for contact printing.
It's the same thing in the end. I just prefer using a print because I'm often dealing with complex and/or small shapes with relatively hard edges so I find I can get more accuracy cutting out of the print than tracing/sketching a projected image. So in my case it doesn't take much longer to make an RC print.

There are lots of ways to personalize and customize these techniques to tailor them to the image, the preferences of the worker, the materials and equipment available, etc. Whatever works!