Ok. Time to thank the intrepid crew of Gene and Steve and Dan. The trip was great by my standards. Walked (sorry to be so slow, guys) talked, looked and shot. Gene, your work is great,

We spoke of a possible show at the Belmont Hill School in Belmont, MA, just west of Cambridge. I'm the director of the school gallery. Great space in a place where the work will be seen by lots and lots of... shall we cut to the chase and say rich people? It could be done. Any interest in discussing an APUG show in the Beantown 'burbs? The place is booked for awhile, so we have plenty of time to plan, but I'd love to know if folks would be more interested in a juried show, a theme show? a small group show? What have you? We have a very active black and white program with the students, so the school will consider it a real plus. No commissions on any sales (don't get your hopes up to high though, B&W is still hard to sell.)

PM me if you have ideas or want to be part of group emailing back and forth about this. I'll post a link to some pictures of the gallery soon.

Thanks again guys, for a great day.