Hi guys,

This is my first sale here on apug (2-year member and purchaser of many items, though). I've decided to clear out some items I've always told myself I will use in the future. The first to go is my Mamiya RB-67 kit. Two years of ownership and only a couple of rolls shot. Terrible! Included in the deal are:

RB-67 Pro-S Body
Waist-level finder
120 back with darkslide
Mamiya Sekor 90mm f/3.8
Mamiya Sekor C 127mm f/3.8
Mamiya K/L 180mm f/4.5
Metering chimney finder (with working meter, not checked for accuracy, though it seems pretty accurate)
Polaroid packfilm back (not the NPC one. This gives a centered image ~ 7x7cm, bordered by two 1.5cm dark strips). I'll add a pack of FP-100C film if you pick it up before the end of next week (Dec 15th).

All the items were purchased from KEH, BGN or higher. Some paint loss, and also a few specks of dust in the lenses (not very serious at all). I don't really know what is a fair price for the kit. Let's start it at 850, plus paypal and shipping, or best offer? Thanks!

2012-12-08 20.04.16.jpg