I'm thinking the meter is faulty now. After resetting the counter by opening film back, I set film speed to highest (6400) and in Auto. While pointing at a bright light indoors, the meter just shows 80 and shoots fine until first frame on the counter is at #1. That's when the meter turns to -8 -. Press the shutter and it just stays open and locked up until I switch the shutter to 2000/sec. Seems the meter will not show any fluctuations no matter where I point the camera with reference to different lighting. I'll try it out side in day light tomorrow, but to me it seems like a dead meter.

I love my two Fs and F2AS, but really wanted a F3 just for the AE availability. Really sad to send this back, as the body looks to be unused, although I have noticed a very small dent on the left hand side of the prism.