This is a complete Lindahl Bell-O-Shade special effects, montage, filter and pro-shade system.

The interesting feature of the Lindahl System is that two different effects can be achieved at the same time because there are two filter slots, one in the front and one near the back.

Each component is in mint condition.

This system fits almost any camera: film, digital, or video.

It is very flexible and can be adapted in many different ways to achieve a wide variety of special effects.

Experimentation and imagination are required!

What's Included:
Lindahl Bell-O-Shade Pro bellows lens shade
Two extension rails
Series 8 adapter ring to 58mm diameter lens adapter (any other diameter lens can be fitted with an inexpensive adapter ring)
Square filter holder for gelatin and plastic filters (3" x 3" for the rear)
Set of 7 montage filters (6"x 6" for the front)
Compete set of instructions
$40 + $10 shipping