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The slope will change slightly as a side effect of changing agitation, and often time you need to compensate for that by developing longer.

The primary reason, usually, to slow down agitation, is to change the actual shape of the curve.


Hopefully that will explain it well.
Thanks for the link. It's really interesting, and the comments add to the understanding. The idea in the article seems, at least to me, to be something that should be readily understood, especially after reading it.

I think, when I develop I'm trying something similar, without even knowing it. For instance I give a slight decrase in highlights by switching from a 10 second rest to a 15 second rest. When I view the resulting prints, I notice a change in highlights, but almost no change in the shadows if I keep the time the same.

Thank you for your help and for the informative link! I'm sure I'll be refering to it again in the future.