Hello, my name is Jack. I've just recently lost my home & I've sold my DSLR & other things to help me and my wife get a new place to live. That said, I became really depressed because I no longer had a camera, but in November for my birthday, my father-in-law gave me 3 analog cameras. Only, I've NEVER used analog, save for when I was a kid, and I shot with a point-and-shoot my mom gave me for Christmas, it was a dirt-cheap thing and I don't think I ever seriously used it.

That said, I'm so happy I have something new to look forward to in my life. An old dog can NEVER have too many new tricks to learn!

Anyway, my dad, he gave me these cameras; I'm so grateful, even if I can't use them yet!

Canon Cannonette
Argo Argoflex - I just need a metal bit for the film
& a Retina iiiC "Big C" with the everything except the kitchen sink! I have so many lenses & parts I don't even know what to do.

Where does one get to develop such weird film? Can anyone give me some suggestions? Once my wife and I get into our new place up North, she said her old art teacher can help us develop our stuff, regardless of what format we use. But are there any places or business you can take your really obscure film into to develop your film for you?

I remember when I was a kid, Mom took me to Shopko and we dropped our film off at a 24-hour film developing thing that was right there in the store. I know CVS develops film, and Costco, and Walgreens. But I doubt any of them could develop 120mm.

What do you guys recommend as far as chains go? Does anyone do that? How much will it run me? What are the wait times, and do you have to send things in via the mail? Can you get prints, or just positives? Or just negatives?

Anyway, it's wonderful to meet you all. By the way, I did do a lot of digital photography for a while, but I was mostly a toy & doll photographer. I'm only just now showing any interest in actual photos that don't involve miniatures - otherwise I'd share my profile. I don't really have anything to share otherwise. Sorry! That said, I am so excited a new part of my life is starting. 2012 has to be the worst year ever. Debt took everything from me. Thank God for art, no one can take that away at least.