Oh, my. Oh, my. No one has told you about infinity (also called bed) stops. Go to www.graflex.org and read the FAQs, they'll describe them.

If you're lucky your Crown is set up for the lenses you have and will have two sets of bed stops, one pair close to the bed's hinge and one pair some distance in front of it. If you're unlucky it will have just one set.

To focus the longer lens to infinity (more or less, the stops may have to be relocated), flip up the far away stops, pull the front standard out (slide it on the bed rails) until it butts up against the stops. If the stops are set for the usual "kit" lens they'll be a little close to the film plane for y'r 165 but the camera will have enough focusing travel to reach infinity and somewhat closer.

If there are two sets of bed stops, pulling the front standard forward to the near in set should put it at more or less the infinity position for y'r 90. You'll have to drop the bed and use front rise to center the lens on the gate.

Under no circumstances try to close the camera until the front standard has been pushed as far back as possible on the inner bed rails and the rails are as far back as possible (use the focusing knobs). If you fail to do this and try to close the camera you will bend the links that connect inner and outer bed rails. Only one repairman in the world has new links and he doesn't sell parts. Always make sure that the front standard and bed rails are as far back as possible before closing a Graphic.