I'm in-transit right now, but thank you kindly for the offer, Dick! (You wouldn't happen to be married to one Barbara, would you? I had a very dear friend when I was growing up, who was married, and both where splendid artists; they used to live off-the-grid in Walla Walla WA, but we lost touch.)

I've been looking up so much information about everything I can find, really, I think I need to step back before I can attempt to pick apart what's going on with this here camera. This hobby has so many numbers, so seemingly random to me; and abbreviations, and just general words I'm not sure I understand.

After everything went wrong with me and my family, I was worried I'd never have anything to dream about and that I'd not pick up any hobbies again. That's what I get for being a downer. This is not an easy hobby -- is it?!

About the repairs...or possible repairs...Thinking I should look up the wonderful gentleman down the road. HIGHLY recommend him.

I won't be in the Bay Area long, (in Oakland, California for 2 more months,) but if you need ANY analog camera work done, or lens work, or anything, look up "iCamera" (avoid Looking Glass Photo all together, I can't say I recommend them at their prices,) the fixer-uper gentleman at iCamera has been doing his work for at least 70 years, and he's very accommodating, and from what I can tell, cheap -- at least, he's used to some slight (refined) haggling if you're fair enough.

I don't think I can fix the camera up if it's something internal. Might take a walk later.