Umut, you are a veritable WEALTH of information! Thank you so much for your guiding hand. Some of the basic things I "kinda" know from using old lenses with my DSLR; I inhered some Zuiko lenses along the road & I used them with adapters. So at least there is that!

I'm not worried at the least bit, although, I am overwhelmed. I have not had anything to look forward to for so long, it is nice to have a dream now! I dream that I can take very pretty photos. And that makes me happy, which isn't something that happens a lot with me these days.

I figured I am just going to go outside one day, and take photos. If I mess up then that's gonna suck, but I really don't think I *can* get things right on the first or even the second or the tenth or twentieth try. But with attention to detail I think I can do this. The worst thing that happens is I have a lot of weird photos that are double-exposed or overdeveloped, right? Those kinds of things are always an artists "experimental" phase, that's what I'll tell my friends and family, "I had an experimental phase...." LOL!

Umut, you are super helpful. Thank you!