Hi Jack - Welcome!

The go to place for camera manuals is Mr. Mike Butkus. He has thousands of manuals for download and, while not at all compulsory, he does asks very nicely if you'll donate a few dollars to help him keep the pdfs online and buy and scan the manuals. The list of manuals he has can be found here: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/index.html

Developing your own film would probably be easiest and most economical for you - even with a house move about to happen. I live in a rental property, so my "darkroom" is entirely makeshift. I've simply blacked out the windows in my laundry with a few layers of garbage bags - very stylish! If you're not doing your own printing, the only time you need a completely blacked out room is when you're loading your film into a developing tank, so even a closet will suffice for that. From that point, the rest can be done in daylight without a problem.

At some point, someone here is probably going to suggest to you Ilford's guide to developing your own film, so I thought I'd get that out of the way now. Here's a link to the pdf: Processing Your First Black and White Film - Ilford

I'm sure you'll have a ball using your new cameras and, from personal experience, I know that there are thousands of people here who are incredibly generous with help and advice.