All loose rolls, some in and some out of the foil wrapper. Most without boxes. I'm selling off alot of film this weekend, I'm willing to knock off a little for shipping, but at these prices, I'm not really willing to take less than I've priced it at.

Across 100 4 Rolls (I would think 2/14 date as that's the batch I had bought)
TMax 400 11/13 3 Rolls (in foil)
TMax 400 unknown date 3 rolls (out of foil)
Ilford PanF+ 50 5/12 2 rolls
Adox CHS 100 Art 1 roll in foil
TMax 100 11/13 in foil 4 rolls
TriX 220 unkown exp out of foil 1 roll

18 Rolls, $45 shipped. (Less than $3 per roll shipped!)