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I will not criticize this guy. In a situation like this there is either no decision or a "no" decision.

What I mean is that the time I saved a man from a burning car, I was up and running to it before I realized what was even happening and "oh-shit-what-am-I-doing" popped into my head only while dragging him across the ground. But then 2 other times (one just a couple weeks ago), when I witnessed motorcyclists sliding and rolling across the pavement, I hung back and dialed 911.

You never know how you will react until you do.
He was cognizant enough to "decide" to photograph a certain death. He was thinking well enough and made his "decision". And he got the photo and the recognition for it. The very idea of even "thinking" between taken a photo or saving a person's life is indicative of our society today. The photographer claimed he didn't have time to get there anyway?? BS!! He could have at least TRIED without any real danger to his own safety. But, no, he "decided" to take a photo instead. Snap decision or not... it was WRONG!!