10 rolls out of foil, 21 rolls sealed in foil. All out of the box. I'm selling off alot of film this weekend, I'm willing to knock off a little for shipping, but at these prices, I'm not really willing to take less than I've priced it at. 30 Rolls, $90 shipped.

The new stuff
Velvia 50 8 rolls 2012 & 2010 dated (all sealed)
Fortia, yeah, Fortia. 2 rolls sealed, one open.

Kinda New stuff
Astia 1 rolls 120
Provia 400x 3 rolls

The old stuff
Provia 100f 220 1 roll
RHP 400 (Old Provia 400x) 120, 5 rolls
RVP 220 Old Velvia 6 rolls
Kodak E100S 220 4 Rolls