I got to reminiscing with myself about the camera I bought in the PX in Seoul in '66 and decided to shop ebay for one. Ordered a supposedly perfect camera ($10 + shipping), then decided I should look up a film source. I'm from the US, so I looked for Kodak and came upon a Kodak Retina 1a for $40. I just had to have this ikon of American engineering and precision manufacturing. (ready, fire, aim). After I purchased, I researched to learn that the top end Kodaks were actually manufactured in Germany. Well, I have the German/American camera and have had the pleasure of running a few rolls of B&W as well as color, so I'm happy about that acquisition. Meanwhile, the Minolta HiMatic 7s I ordered was non functional, got money back, tried again, another non-functional, repeat. (slow learner) So I took the 3 dogs to a local camera geek who refurbed the best one for me and now I have a pretty good shooter. Last month, I saw a fellow on the APUG site selling a Zeiss Ikonta 6X9 which I just could not resist. It's hidden in the back of my camera drawer right now because sweetie (unbeknownst to her) is giving it to me for Christmas. So, I now have 2 German RF folders and one Japanese RF. I have to use my DSLR (Sony Alpha 550) for my light meter. No meters in the folders and those Wein cells in the Minolta don't last very long. But - - - - I'm having F U N ! ! ! !