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This phenomena is also recorded by quite famous photographers and I may be wrong about this, but I understand that after Weegee took this picture the drunk walked into the road and was killed, which Weegee recorded as a series of pictures. Why did he not try to help the poor guy?
I wouldn't expect Weegee to do anything but shoot pictures.

Me? I take no pictures in life and death situations, I drop everything to help - even if there is little I can do. Last time someone got hurt, there were three capable adults present to help. I could have reached in my backpack for the camera and let the others help. Instead I pulled out the first aid kit and provided gauze.

I do not fault the photographer in this case. I believe he could have interceded (like a moderator) before it escalated. He could have yelled "hey, come here" and it could have changed the whole story. But he didn't and that opportunity was lost. How could he have known what was to unfold?