Wonderful! You guys are giving me some homework today. Fantastic news is, thanks to everyone's advice & the links from you lot, I've got most of the camera working now -- wow, that took pretty much no effort at all. Whatta relief!

Hopefully the last repair is just as easy. I gotta lube up the bits on the inside, where the lens attaches. I'll keep you posted. Wow, I feel GREAT about myself right now, I'm fixing a camera that's older than me, and I've done swell so far! Dad will be overjoyed to hear about this! I gotta text him!!

Also, I'm happy I'm a tech-kinda guy who enjoys puzzles...all of those years playing video games musta paid off...? I felt a little bit like I was playing Tetris at first, and then I looked at a few of those manuals & Chris's website and 2 + 2 got put together, and the puzzle made MUCH more sense. This is SO MUCH FUN. It took me so long to reply because I was trying to be really careful with everything..haha..I've been away from the desk coz I was tink'erin.