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I got to reminiscing with myself about the camera I bought in the PX in Seoul in '66 and decided to shop ebay for one. Ordered a supposedly perfect camera ($10 + shipping), then decided I should look up a film source. I'm from the US, so I looked for Kodak and came upon a Kodak Retina 1a for $40. I just had to have this ikon of American engineering and precision manufacturing. (ready, fire, aim). After I purchased, I researched to learn that the top end Kodaks were actually manufactured in Germany. Well, I have the German/American camera and have had the pleasure of running a few rolls of B&W as well as color, so I'm happy about that acquisition. Meanwhile, the Minolta HiMatic 7s I ordered was non functional, got money back, tried again, another non-functional, repeat. (slow learner) So I took the 3 dogs to a local camera geek who refurbed the best one for me and now I have a pretty good shooter. Last month, I saw a fellow on the APUG site selling a Zeiss Ikonta 6X9 which I just could not resist. It's hidden in the back of my camera drawer right now because sweetie (unbeknownst to her) is giving it to me for Christmas. So, I now have 2 German RF folders and one Japanese RF. I have to use my DSLR (Sony Alpha 550) for my light meter. No meters in the folders and those Wein cells in the Minolta don't last very long. But - - - - I'm having F U N ! ! ! !

Jim has the early stages of a mega-infection of GAS1. He does not know that the FORCE OF GAS is impossible to resist. May the powers above have mercy on his financial state!

"The Force of GAS impossible to resist! One with the Force one must give in to and become! - Yoda, from the movie "Star Wars XLVIII"

1 GAS is defined as Gadget Acquisition Syndrome