Wow, you guys are epic today! I've never been on a art forum before , that was nice, constructive, and full of comments. You are totally a first for me! Are all forums this awesome?

I'm going to be moving back to the Arcata/Eureka area of Northern California; most of our family lives there, or near there, and my wife has expressed interest in going back to the College of the Redwoods as a writing minor/photography minor with a possibility of finishing her BA, so she can continue onto her real passion -- medical science! Those AA's are tough. She has everything she needs for credits, but school here in Oakland doesn't offer much for art. We'll definitely be looking into clubs once we get up north again, we hope to move in February.

I have a question that's gonna sound kind of silly to you all, but it's a matter I take pretty seriously (even if it is really embarrassing.) Are any of you Achluophobic? I suffer from *severe* Achluophobia, I can't stand the dark. I become petrified and I can't move at all if I'm in a really dark room. I sleep with a candle lit in the corner of our bedroom on a bedstand, and sometimes I have to leave a light on in the bedroom. Sometimes the dark makes me cry. It's gotten worse since I've gotten older - I'm 28 now.

How do you cope with the mental and emotional fear of the dark room? Is it at all possible to have a tea candle lit in the far corner? I don't think it is. I'd be worried it'd ruin my film! I think I'm gonna have to invest in one of those speakers people use for their iPods, I'm gonna need a distraction - how long does it take to develop film, and do you have to walk away & come back? I think my wife is gonna have to help me -- LOL! -- I'm gonna need someone to hold my hand!