Hi everyone,

I am putting up for sale my large format set up which I purchased 2 years ago from Germany. A retired Photographer who sold the lot in one go and had bought everything new from Linhof. So here goes,

1. Linhof Master Technika ₤2150
Comes with spare focusing screen (the original as I bought a spare one to put in it which is taped to increase light) and fresnel. Also with linhof passport and documents in photo.


3. Linhof technika multifocal optical view finder ₤250
Comes with original manual.

4. Linhof master technika super rollex 6x7 film back ₤350

5. Linhof monocular reflex viewing hood ₤200

6. 6 linhoff 9x12 cm double darkside film holders ₤200
(these are german and one of the labels is broken as in the photo, I have not used these but look in very good shape. I believe they are not exactly the same size as 5x4)

7. Linhof anatomic Grip ₤150

8. Linhof Metal case ₤120

9. Linhof bellows ₤100
(bought from Linhof in UK but never had to use it as the one attached never had any light leaks).

10. Linhof 8x Loop ₤45

I also have two cams for a 150mm and 90mm for the linhof with the stops already attached to the camera and will throw these in with the camera if I can find them..

Ideal situation would be that all these items go to the same place and the price for the total is ₤4000.

If you would like to see some photos taken with this set up please visit:


All prices set to undercut similar items on ebay. All prices in Pound sterling and net to me (paypal fees and shipping on top). Please PM me if interested, or would like more information.