Hi again!

So far my Retina repair is going great. The last issue remains. Here's what's going on - anyone got some feedback?

I can load my film & the film advances. The wind at the bottom of my Retina is fully functional. The dial at the top which gives me the read-out of how many shots I've taken works - I can go from 0-35 shots now.

When I push the button near the wind at the bottom of the camera body, it works.

When I go to push the button at the top of the camera, to take a photo, the button near the lens pushes on the lens part, but, the shutter does not take a photo. Upon further inspection, I "snapped" a few photos and looked at my camera when I did it, without the lens on; and I noticed, there are a few thin, black metal strips inside the lens part when the lens is not on the camera, and these black strips do not move. They're stuck closed & they won't open - however, the film is moving. I've put the camera down until I get further information - don't wanna mess anything up anymore than it is.

There is a little silver plunge next to my lens, and when I push the button to take a photo, it activates this little silver plunge, which then, moves, and it taps onto my lens part, and then, after a buzzing noise & a small click, it goes back up again - lasting only maybe less than 3 mila-seconds. I guess that's what activates those blades, but they won't budge.

What should I do, and what kinds of products can I use? Should I actively seek professional help at this point, or should I look into getting a spare part?

Thanks in advance.