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Wow, you guys are epic today! I've never been on a art forum before , that was nice, constructive, and full of comments. You are totally a first for me! Are all forums this awesome?
I have a question that's gonna sound kind of silly to you all, but it's a matter I take pretty seriously (even if it is really embarrassing.) Are any of you Achluophobic? I suffer from *severe* Achluophobia, I can't stand the dark.
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You do not need a darkroom to develop film, just a dark place to load the film into the tank, like a changing bag. And now a shameless plug for one of APUGs sponsors:
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Jack, it's rarely if ever completely dark in the 'darkroom'. When using the enlarger, there is light from that, and immediately when that is switched off, the safelight goes on automatically if it's plugged into a timer that does that kind of switching (nearly all do). The only complete darkness occurs when loading film on a reel, and even that is attenuated a bit by the glow of the florescent hands of certain kinds of clocks. Since you'll be concentrating on getting the film on the reel, there's not much time to dwell on the darkness, and as soon as the film is in the tank, on go the lights again. In fact, doing this often enough may help you overcome your phobia...cognitive therapy. Good luck.

When I do black & white work in the darkroom, the room is never dark. The safe light is always on.

For color work, I load the tank in "Changing Room" bag and then the film is processed in daylight with a Jobo processor. I have the ability to print color in my darkroom and the room is dark while taking out the paper, placing the paper in the easel, the enlarger light exposes the paper, and then in the dark I load the tank with the paper. Then the paper is processes in daylight by the Jobo processor. I would recommend that you process the color film using the changing bag and a processor and then take the film to an optical only photo processing company such as http://goldencolor.com/

You can continue to do and enjoy photography with your problem.