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My experience with DDX and D3200 is that you should use the dev times for the next speed up i.e. if you are shooting at 3200 then go for the time for 6400. I can't say that this applies to P3200 but the two films are very similar and it is worth asking the question.

Again and this is only my D3200 experience, I'd try and shoot at say 1600 if the light conditions allow.

Exactly my experience too, using in my case T-Max developer for both (which works great for both these films.)

I think "develop for one EI higher" is safe advice for both. I think the development times were probably kept to the shortest that would work in most situations, aiming more for keeping graininess and contrast gain down than for best mid tone densities. Well TMZ is fine grained enough to make really good 5x7s and "old school gritty but nice) 8x10s from 35mm, and I've been shooting D3200 in 120 where grain, while visible, is just really not enough to worry about. Contrast is reasonable in both when shot at 3200 and developed for 6400, though I end up printing TMZ about one half to one and a half grades softer than my other negatives, on grade 2 or even 1.5 rather than 2.5-3.0. That's fine with me. I've never gone below 1.5 and multigrade papers still work fine at that contrast.