Are you making these repairs yourself?

There is a small geared wheel that must slightly pretension a rotating geared rack in the shutter. When you crank the film advance, it then retensions the shutter. So that when you press the release on top of the camera, it fires the shutter.

However, there also are some adjustments to make regarding the post with a spring under it that sits under the shutter release.

If you haven't removed the shutter from the body, don't. Same goes for the top deck.

You probably should remove the face of the shutter entirely and flush the shutter with a combination of lighter fluid mixed with a small amount of powdered graphite (available at auto stores). Remove all lens elements before you do this.

After you flush the shutter, ensure that the remaining lighter fluid is gone or allowed to evaporate. Blow out the shutter with some compressed air with quick spurts of air. And clean the shutter blades (front and rear). Open the aperture to its widest setting.

Reseat all of the parts and reassemble. Ensure the interior of the shutter is completely dry and free of any debris before reassembling.