The moth eaten thingy has been a running joke in the family for YEARS! Ha! Dad jokes that he's gonna make that flash bulb work somehow, but I'm not even kidding, he makes things explode, so...noooooo! ha!

I can easily use all of the lenses that I own right now. ^^ And I looked at the brand on the top of the camera - the C is written with a capitol letter, not a lower case one. But I pretty much knew it was a iiiC because that 80mm lens works great!

This is the first photo I've ever seen before, that was taken with a Retina. Oh my gosh. That's outstanding! You've gotta be kidding me! Holy! That's such an inspiration, I'm sure you know where I am at right now, someone like me has never shot analog before, let alone a Retina. Gooosh!

You shouldn't be surprised that even though I've still yet to take a photo (gotta get repairs done on Friday when I've got a bit of cash - ) the Retina is my favorite camera out of my mangy lot so far. When I had digital cameras, they just felt like equipment. Am I mad for thinking this camera is quickly becoming a friend? It has such personality!

Granted, I have this feeling that my camera's kinda a b@tch, hahaha, coz she is not telling me any of her secrets easily. I am suffering so bad trying to get information! I am a fool for God, and art is just the only thing helping me get through this Dark Night of The Soul. I've never held a camera like this before. What a spunky little thing. I can't believe the quality of your photograph - to think, I have that potential with me here on my desk!!!