Here are pictures taken less than an hour ago. I noticed during the picture taking that the body has light paint missing around the edges of the shutter button and cocking lever. There is also about a 1/8" x 1/16" ding in one edge of the wlf. I double checked and I bought this from KEH as LN-. I'll leave it up to you but I think my price is more than fair for a camera in 2/3 the condition of this one. I'm just trying to be completely open. I never noticed them until I got it under the bright lights of the light tent. So, here goes pictures. There are 14 of them attached. Please ask any me any questions you may have.

Edit: Sorry for the dust but this time of year it's awful. I sprayed everything with canned air but the dust was back the second I quit. If you are concerned that something in the image is a blemish and not dust, please as I would be happy to double check and even reshoot the image if necessary. I saw nothing I did not disclose.