Hi Jack -- Welcome to APUG!

I hope you enjoy your first real foray into film! In all honesty, I think, as others as have said, probably the best thing for you to do now would be:

1. Learn your new cameras, and send the film out for developing. If things go wrong, your own development mistakes would be less one variable.
2. Once you are set up in your new place, consider developing yourself. This used to itimidate me, but it's really easy. I've been developing my own film since 2007 (any surprise that's when I joined APUG?) and I have always loaded my film in a changing bag. Most places I've lived have made it impossible to have a completely dark room, and to be honest, I get nervous when trying to do things in complete darkness, so prefer the changing bag. Just make sure you get a big one -- smaller ones can be awkward and heat up quickly!
3. Working in a darkroom is a lot of fun, but you'll have to determine whether the safelights are enough for you to feel comfortable. If not, there's nothing wrong with having a hybrid workflow (off-topic for APUG, but a lot of people do it here).

Good luck!