Hello fellow Aussie APUGers,

Myself and 2 mates are in the process of setting up a small darkroom in a standalone building in Marrickville. The space is connected with water and power, and we will be setting it up with designated dry and wet sides. At the moment, we have a Durst L1200 4x5 enlarger on the way, and we have plans of setting up a Jobo ATL-1500 for film processing as well. Ideally we would have 5-6 members of this 'exclusive' darkroom team, so I wanted to extend an invitation to any APUGers looking to get stuck into printing. Bear in mind, none of us have extensive printing experience, so this will be a learning exercise!

We're about to sign a 12 month lease on the place, and the price is extremely good!

PM me on here or leave a comment below and I'll get back to you about pricing etc.