I was always a believer in the 85mm or 105mm focal length school for 35mm film. Maybe 15 years ago one of my neighbors asked me to take a head shot for her for work. So after I got done with the usual shots using the 105mm in her case, I asked her if she would sit for a few experimental shots. (I knew she would) So I put my 300mm lens on and with a minimum focus of about 13' took a few shots. Then I put on my cheapie 500mm Makinon reflex lens that had macro(?) focusing, and took a few more tight shots. I had the lab print up some 4x6 prints for proofs and showed them to her, and she picked out one of the 105mm shots as her choice for work. But she also like the long lens shots too, even though they changed her appearance quite a bit. (and yes she had a normal nose) She had me make a 5x7 of one of the 500mm shots because she was so intrigued by it.
So I guess you could say that it wouldn't hurt to check with your subject, as they might actually like something different, and experimenting can be fun!