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Holy thread resurrection! I have both cameras, but I opted to get the older II series as I liked the look better, the only semi-important trade off was the press to release spools. Plus it was a great deal cheaper. I slapped on two hotshoe bubble levels, a pair of eyecups, and optech weight reducing straps. The cameras are tough, I banged around the gw690 for a good month straight over the summer on vacation, shot every day with it putting a good 100+ rolls through it. The negatives you get are just stunning. Both focal lengths are great, and I would recommend to get either one, or both ideally.

Enjoy your camera! and be prepared to burn though film =]
I shot two rolls and hiked 6 miles today. Carried a backpack with the Fuji and my Contax 35mm, the Contax never came out. I find the camera comfortable. After I won the eBay auction I found lots of forum post saying it was a "clown camera" and too heavy. I carry a Nikon D3s with 4 lenses, a flash, sometimes more flashes and lightstands, every day at work. I'm used to shooting a camera that is heavier than this. It was a great afternoon being out in the woods with nothing electronic other than my light meter.