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Agreed. It explains why some lenses are getting stupidly expensive while others can barely be given away.

The subject heading is perfectly clear. If you don't want to read about it then just skip over it. No need to post negative one-liners.
I think it's that this is a film only forum, I recently was asking about film scanners and was shut down because scanning is not about film it's about computer which is digital, I would take this convo to the DPUG forum because its bound to be closed down soon anyway since its partially about digital cameras even if its about film lenses.

I don't like it either(these strange rules) but its how it is here. Also apparently DPUG is actually a Hybrid photo forum that IMHO was miss-named HPUG "h-pug" for Hybrid Photography Users Group or ADHPUG "add-pug" for Analog & Digital Hybrid Photography Users Group.

Anyway it's DPUG instead, but it's hybrid, this is perfect for their forum


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