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Looking to visit Seattle and probably the butchart garden in Victoria by end of Nov. I'm thinking it will probably be overcast so I'm planning to bring 400 iso film bw and color. Should I just bring chrome for color and forget the negative?
Do they have good bus system there? Or is it better to rent a car? Does Seattle normally have better photo ops than Victoria BC?
I did not read the other posts, I did visit Seattle and shot on Kodachrome 64 in 2010, the shots were fine ok chrome, especially if you visit the music project building (the crazy ugly/beautiful multi colored building near the space needle). Bring higher ASA film for the inside areas of the fish market and make sure to find "the troll under the bridge" and use high speed film for that.

This guy...

It's past November so this may not help, but perhaps you've pushed things back and it's helpful...

The bus system is... Functional, interesting and frightening, don't rely on people to be helpful, the bus riding part of society is very apathetic and are sometimes like walking zombies with no push to better themselves or try hard because of social structures in the area, it can be very depressing and sad.

The coffee is excellent and the chocolate is good too.

Good luck!


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