Special deal for the second week of Advent. Yashica Lynx 14. This is the last of the Lynx 14 cameras I own, and one I think you'll enjoy. This camera is in great condition showing less than average wear (and some might be more complimentary than that). Everything is working just fine: shutter, aperture, meter, self-timer, smooth focus, clean rangefinder, etc. The 1.4 lens is clear and clean with very nice coating...and there were just a small handful of rangefinders with a lens this fast (and sharp). The Lynx 14 has an interesting meter aparatus...you can see the meter needle through the viewfinder or in the window on top of the camera. Buy this camera (and remind me to include it), and I'll include a battery adapter that will turn the #675 hearing aid battery into a clone of the original mercury battery the Lynx 14 used. One important note: This camera has the mechanical (Copal) shutter, so the battery only powers the meter. This comes with a very nice (almost like new) leather case, too...not the original case but I think a much better case than the original. $80 plus actual cost of shipping.

PayPal ok for international buyers, but check/cash/money order for domestic buyers please.

If questions, please let me know.