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It is depressing, I was there 3 days for my trip and when I landed in Colorado from there I literally cried, I'm this dude in a rental car crying from joy of being out of such a miserable place lol, I'm glad you enjoy it but I hope I never go back, I'd fear I might kill myself or something...
I've read that Washington State has one of the higher suicide rates in the US.

And that the Puget Sound region also has—paradoxically—one of the highest incidence rates of skin cancer in the country. This is due to the relatively few days each year where the sun does shine. Seems it's so rare that when it does actually happen everyone runs outside fearful they'll never see it again, and ends up getting sunburned by refusing to come back in. (*Source: My personal physician, who used the term the "episodic" to describe the phenomenon.)

My doctor further related that vitamin D deficiency is a huge problem here, also due to the chronic lack of any sustained sunshine. He said he and the other physicians routinely recommend supplements to their patients. And that low levels of vitamin D have been linked to increased levels of depression. (See first sentence above...)

I just checked the NWS forcast. Only cloudy tomorrow! But rain, or a chance of rain, for at least the next six days out after that. There was some unexpected weak sun yesterday. But it only lasted for about an hour. Maybe less. I dunno. I sneezed and missed most of it...